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Baby Cecil wants you to know...

the Ashfield FilmFest Is Expanding!


While I sat on the counter at Elmer’s the winter I overheard whisperings- more entries, more variety. I have since met with and urged the FilmFest committee to heed these whisperings.They agreed and to accomplish this have devised a wide and far reaching plan to attract a larger and more diverse group of entries.

First-- there will not be a FilmFest partner for this year’s FilmFest. For the past 5 years the FilmFest has partnered with local organizations who have collectively been beneficiaries of thousands of dollars. These organizations include: Ashfield Food Pantry, Belding Memorial Library, Ashfield Town Hall Restoration Committee, the Ashfield Trails Committee, and Ashfield Community Hall. Instead this money will go back into the FilmFest itself to fund the expanded the awards categories.

Second--the expanded category list is an attempt to attract a larger and more varied pool of entries. All of the categories listed below will not necessarily be awarded every year. It will depend on the quality and numbers of the entries within each category. Prizes, as always, are awarded by an independent and diverse community panel whose members change each year.

  • Grand Prize - $500
  • Best Narrative - $400
  • Best Actor in a Narrative-$200
  • Best Documentary - $300
  • Best Historical - $300
  • First Prize Youth (18 and under) - $300
  • Best Technical - $200
  • Best Music Video - $200
  • Audience Award – local gift basket

Third--rules of qualification for submission need be clarified as another means of attracting diversification in entries.

Each entry must have a connection to Ashfield.

  • The filmmaker can be from Ashfield and make a film on any topic.
  • If the filmmaker is not from Ashfield then the entry must include some reference to Ashfield albeit minor & clever
  • or the entry can be shot in Ashfield, even partially.

For example, if you are a resident of Ashfield, you could submit a film about Italy, shot in Italy. If you were Italian, or from Colrain, you could submit a entry of any kind, as long as you make at least a brief and/or clever reference to Ashfield within your entry.

This year the committee has set an earlier submission deadline (August 15th). As part of the FilmFest’s mission to “further the education of filmmakers young and old” an earlier submission date will allow a committee review of entries. The sole purpose of the review is to determine suitability for Ashfield audiences with the possibility of proposing suggestions [not demands] to filmmakers, prior to final judging, so they might adjust entries to better fit our audience. In addition an entry form must be be submitted with each entry. This will give the Committee necessary contact as well as format information in order to streamline event preparation. The form will be available on line as a PDF and around town at the usual places.



The date is set

Ashfield FilmFest 2015
will be held 
Saturday, September 19th.

Submission Deadline: August 17th
Please check out the submission requirements